Organizational matters around studies

In addition to the content of your studies, it is important that you keep an eye on the regulations surrounding your course of study. Here you can find out everything about the contents of the individual study modules, the applicable admission restrictions of our study programs and much more...

Module Manuals

What learning and qualification goals are we aiming for? Which examination results do we expect from our students? What requirements do we set?

In the following handbooks you will find detailed information about the modules from computer science and mathematics and the application areas Autonomous Systems, Circular Economy and Environmental Technology, Digital Transformation, Energy, Industry 4.0 and Mobility.

Sequence and module plan

From the following model study plan you will learn everything about the course and structure of the study. You can freely select the modules of the individual areas from the module catalogue of the module handbook.

Examination regulations

The examination regulations for the DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES master's degree program are currently still being processed.

Download: Applications and forms

Any questions?

The Study Commission is responsible for the further development and content of the module handbooks.

Prof. Dr. Sven Hartmann
Dean of Studies


If you have any questions regarding the examination regulations, please contact the examination board.

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Gerndt
Chairman of the Examination Board