Digitalization projects - practice-related teamwork

The special feature of the DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES program is the interdisciplinary digitization projects. In these projects, Bachelor's and Master's students from different semesters of the program develop prototypes for tasks or questions from the subject areas of the application areas and computer science disciplines. The solution ideas are always developed with the help of digitization technologies. They combine the fundamentals of the computer science disciplines with exciting, practice-relevant questions from the application areas.

In addition to theoretical fundamentals, the interdisciplinary digitization projects also teach broad application skills:

  •     Project management and creativity techniques
  •     Practical hardware and software projects
  •     Soft skills (communication, conflict and teamwork skills)

The special feature is that the projects are offered across semesters. This means, for example, that in the project to develop an HMI design, a student from the second semester takes on simple programming tasks in his team, the student from the third semester designs the architecture, and a student from the fifth semester can be the project manager and thus deepen the content of project management.

Quickly explained

What is a digitisation project?

Quickly explained

Which topics are addressed in the DigiProjects?

The digitization projects at summer semester 2021

  • Intelligent Bus Stop (Application Area: Mobility).
  • Sensor-based water monitoring (Application area: Circular Economy and Environmental Technology) [Autonomous Systems].
  • Digitization of the TUC Weather Station (Application Area: Autonomous Systems)

#17 Goals

Sustainability is our topic!

Did you know that our digitisation projects always pursue at least one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals? You can find all the information about this at or in englisch