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Name of the study program: Digital Technologies as joint degree of TU Clausthal and Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences

Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

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Application start: May 15

Bachelor of Science, (B.Sc.):
• Admission free
• University entrance qualification

Master of Science, (M.Sc.):
• All admission requirements ...

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Future for Graduates

After the bachlor degree you have the opportunity to study at masters-levels and apply for a postgraduate research degree.

Networks of both universities with industry within the research projects ensure best career entry into the private sector for students.

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Semester dates

Start of semester, lecture times, exam periods, review parties, meetings...

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Practical Study

Digital Technologies

DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES is a joint university degree program between Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences and the Technical University (TU) Clausthal. Our students can expect to gain a high level on practical experience which ensures the best career entry into the private sector and research.

This inter-disciplinary degree program includes, in equal parts, computing topics, a choice of application as well as a wide range of digitalisation.

The study program includes the subjects of computer science, the freely selectable application areas and various digitization projects in equal parts.



The bachelor's program provides competencies for successful digitization in industry, research and administration, which often takes place at the transition from computer science to the application area. The foundation of the study program are the subjects of computer science. In addition, they choose their individual application area already in the second semester. The knowledge from both areas is combined in the digitization projects. In the master's program, there is further specialization and deepening of the contents of the bachelor's program.

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TU Clausthal and Ostfalia University of Applied Science

Effective cooperation for practice-oriented computer science studies

Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences and TU Clausthal have shared a longstanding partnership in research and teaching.
 Against this background, both universities deepened their collaboration in research, teaching and continuous education by a cooperation agreement in June 2018. Besides exchange and recognition of lectures, the development and expansion of joint cooperative research and Doctorate programs was a set goal. The first area to be developed cooperatively was digitalization.
 The first measure of the joint strategic orientation was the application for registration of a cooperative doctoral research program in the field of digitalization (human-machine teams in the field of application of circular economy). In parallel, a joint range of digitalization courses is being established. The cooperative Bachelor program Digital Technologies has been the first consequent step.
 This study program is cooperatively offered by TU Clausthal and Ostfalia. Both universities convey their distinct core competencies from computer science and the fields of application. Hence, upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate of both Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences and TU Clausthal.


Digital Technologies - INSIGHTS

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Sprint Review Party

The students of the program DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES have completed a special semester – true to the motto: “Stay home, study safe“....


Mobility is our strenght

Best-suited places of study for computer science and co-working

To offer you the benefits of both universities, for example their laboratories, different co-working spaces, infrastructure and direct contact to project partners, you change your place of study on a daily basis. Already with your application, you choose your favorable place of study and attend the days on campus either in Clausthal-Zellerfeld and Goslar with TU Clausthal or in Wolfenbüttel or Salzgitter with Ostfalia.

The universities’ mobility package supports the students in visiting the lectures at the best-suited respective faculty of TU Clausthal and Ostfalia.