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Your practice-oriented computer science studies

DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES is the innovative degree program in applied computer science launched in 2019 by Ostfalia Hochschule und TU Clausthal. Since 2023, there is the possibility to work at one of our practice partners during your studies - study and earn money at the same time! ►Mehr

More Exciting digitization projects, less exams

At the heart of our study program are the interdisciplinary digitization projects. In these projects, you will gain practical experience every semester! In cross-semester teams, you and your fellow students will develop creative, sustainable solutions to the problems of our time, just like professionals. ►Mehr

Choose your professional focus

In addition to computer science, you will specialize for the industry of your choice in our application domains: Autonomous Systems, Circular Economy & Environmental Technology, Digital Transformation, Energy, Industry 4.0 and Mobility. ►Mehr

Develop innovations for a sustainable future

We not only emphasize sustainability in every respect, but also promote innovative ideas that contribute to sustainable development far beyond the start-up! The perfect environment as an incubator for your career: Whether it is industry, science or your own start-up!



How its like to study DigiTec

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Studying DigiTec: working creatively in a team

The interdisciplinary digitization projects are at the core of the program. Here, you and your fellow students develop innovative solutions for real problems at the interface between computer science and the application area. And whether you work remotely or in person, we place the highest value on teamwork and social interaction. So that you can throw yourself fully into your creative challenges, there are light-flooded co-working spaces with state-of-the-art equipment and a start-up atmosphere at the Goslar location. These include a communal kitchen, mobile media carts with modern web conferencing equipment, and height-adjustable desks. 

In order to grow together as a team, the first year of study takes place mainly at the campus in Goslar. The subsequent semesters are based on your choice of application domain and then also take place in Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Wolfenbüttel or Salzgitter.  

BTW: If you need even more practice and would like to earn some money alongside your studies, you can apply for this with one of our practice partners. Or apply directly to DIGIT for one of five freshman jobs (approx. 450,-€/month) application!


What can I do after graduation?


Specialists in computer science are needed in every industry. And because you study computer science, gain practical experience in the interdisciplinary digitalization projects and individually with your choice of application area, you are particularly well prepared for starting a job after the DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES degree.

After graduation, you can pursue a career in various areas of digital business and industry as well as academia, such as software development, data management, e-commerce, marketing, agile project management as an agile coach, SCRUM master, product owner, or IT consulting. Who knows: maybe you'll even found your own startup right out of college!!!?

"We started to develop an energy-efficient, cost-effective service for real-time monitoring of water quality as a DigitecProject . Now we have our own start-up! Take a look:

Lorenzo, 3. Sem. B.Sc. & Tobi, 3. Sem. M.Sc.




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