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The bachelor's program provides competencies for successful digitization in industry, research and administration, which often takes place at the transition from computer science to the application area. The foundation of the study program are the subjects of computer science. In addition, students choose an individual fields of application as early as the second semester. The knowledge from both areas is combined in the digitization projects . Here, they work on practically relevant issues in each semester.

With a successful bachelor's degree in DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES, you receive a joint degree from both universities, which increases your career opportunities and also creates the prerequisites for our consecutive master's degree program in DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES.

Application-related specializations in technical IT areas

Starting in the second semester of your studies, you will choose your individual field of application. You can choose from the following areas:

  • Autonomous Systems
  • Circular Economy and Environmental Technology
  • Digital Transformation
  • Energy technology
  • Industry 4.0 and
  • Mobility.

In the course of your studies, the basic subjects of mathematics and computer science move increasingly into the background and you deepen the areas of application, which are coming more and more into focus through the digitization projects , among other things.

In addition to the theoretical knowledge transfer, you will take on a role in one of the practice-oriented digitization projects already in the basic semester, which are closely linked to the contents of the course and promote the exchange with students from higher semesters. In the projects, the student teams are to jointly solve tasks from the application areas with digitization technologies. In doing so, the teams are put together in an interdisciplinary manner and also across semesters, which means that the course content of the semester is deepened in a project context. For example, a student from the second semester can take on simple programming tasks in such a team. A student of the fifth semester can be the project leader and thus deepen the contents of project management.


The courses are predominantly offered in German. Isolated modules can be heard in English. In the 4th or 5th semester, you have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad at one of our international partner universities.

Application and admission

The bachelor's degree program DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES is a joint program of the Clausthal University of Technology and the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences. The application for one of the study places takes place directly via theapplication portal of the Ostfalia University. Admission to the study program takes place via the central allocation office.

All interested parties with a university entrance qualification can apply. Ideally, they should have a degree in computer science, engineering or electrical engineering.

If you have any questions or uncertainties, please contact the student advisors in good time or find out more here.

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The model curriculum

From the following model study plan you will learn everything about the course and structure of the study. You will also find HERE the overview of the module leaders.

Any questions?

Then you are welcome to contact our study program coordinator

Study program teaching coordinator at Ostfalia

Verena Barby, M.A.
Phone: +49 (0) 5331 939 32430

Course coordinator of the TU Clausthal

Steffen Küpper, M.Sc.
Phone: +49 (0) 5323 72 8245