You want to brace yourself for the digital future?

Then become a DigiTec.PILOT!

As a DigiTec.PILOT you complete a certificate program (corresponding to 30 ECTS, which roughly equals the workload of one semester) to deepen your digitalization skills. You will develop the fundamentals of digital technologies like programming and automating. As part of a team in an interdisciplinary project, you can directly apply your abilities in one of six fields of application like AI, sustainability or industry 4.0.

What does the DigiTec.PILOT contain?

Structure and module plan

Who is the DigiTec.PILOT-program aimed at?

For almost everyone!

It doesn’t matter ...The DigiTec.PILOT program is for all students in Germany, regardless of their previous studies, as well as for employees who want to prepare themselves for digital technologies. Fancy some examples?

You are an engineering student and your interest go beyond the sole construction of individual machine parts? For you, machines should be automated and move autonomously. Thus, you need to know how to program autonomous systems and robots and which technologies are best-suited. We teach you how to program and how to transfer this ability onto machines in order to create truly autonomous systems. You are an economics student and know how to create business models and how to be economically successful with new ideas?

Already today, digital products are an important economic factor with their significance even increasing further in the future. Learn how to develop digital products and what efforts need to be taken in order to do so. This will enable you to better evaluate products, solutions and ideas and successfully position them in the market. You have already completed a degree and want to complete a qualification in digital technologies alongside your job to implement innovative solutions in agile digitalization projects? Here you will learn what exactly SCRUM is and how to implement new ideas.

Are you…? It doesn’t matter...
No matter your studies, you most certainly will have come into contact with the topic of digitalization or will have heard of or used digital solutions, aids and products in your specialization area. Becoming a DigiTec.PILOT, you will understand how they develop and work. This is your chance to specialize in your area of expertise and prove that digitalization is more than just a mere buzz word to you.

Application Requirements

  • You are enrolled at a university.
  • You are already in the 5th semester of your Bachelor program or are completing your Master degree or have already successfully completed a degree?
  • You are a STEM or economics student or are simply interested in digitalization topics? (PLEASE NOTE: Computer science students will have already completed or will still complete some of our courses during their studies. Thus, you already have the competencies of a DigiTec.PILOT, maybe even more! Please have a look at the DigiTec Master or Doctorate program!)
  • You have already entered working life and want to deepen your knowledge of digital technologies?
  • You cannot wait to play an active role in a simulated practice project?

Should YES have been the answer at least one of the questions, you can apply for this unique pilot program. For the duration of the certificate program, you will be officially enrolled at TU Clausthal as an auditing student.

Fancy flying lessons?

We could arouse your interest in our program DigiTec.PILOT?

... then check back on our pages in the fall of 2021. The DigiTec.PILOT SPRING SCHOOL will start in spring 2022. The registration period is expected to start in the 4th quarter of 2021.



Any questions?

Then please contact:

Verena Barby, M.A.
DigiTec Program Coordinator of Ostfalia Hochschule


Steffen Küpper, M.Sc.
DigiTec Program Coordinator of TU Clausthal



Overview of the key points


... comprises:

  • The total workload of one semester, divided in different modules (30 ECTS).
  • It is of particular interest for employees of companies and other institutions to only complete certain modules.
  • The program can be completed alongside your studies or employment.

... costs:

  •   0 € for students and members of TU Clausthal and Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences (funded by the Federal State of Lower Saxony and the universities)
  •  80 € for students of Lower Saxony (funded by the Federal State of Lower Saxony)
  • 120 € for students outside of Lower Saxony
  • 350 €/Modul per module for employees of German companies ( Total price incl. examination: 1,750 €)

... given that:

  • You are a Bachelor student in the 5th or higher semester, or
  • are a Master student, or
  • employee in a company or different institution but
  • no computer science student or graduate