Du möchtest dich für die digitale Zukunft fit machen?

Then become DigiTec.PILOT!

As a DigiTec.PILOT, you will earn a certificate (equivalent to 30 ECTS, exactly one semester) to deepen your digitization skills -> um...zu I always find a bit stupid.... You'll learn the basics of digital technologies, such as programming and software development. In an interdisciplinary project from one of our fields of applications, such as AI, sustainability, Industry 4.0, you can directly apply your knowledge in practice in a team.



Was beinhaltet der DigiTec.PILOT?


Our DigiTec.PILOT consists of three blocks. Each of these blocks has a scope of 10 ECTS.

The start is made with the DigiTec.PILOT-Basics. This includes introductory events on digitization technologies. In the second block, you will complete our DigiTec.PILOT project before deepening your knowledge in the third block, DigiTec.PILOT Flex. This offers you the opportunity to specialize further in one area, e.g. AI.

In the Flex modules of the AI Pilot, you will receive an introduction to the world of machine learning. There are a multitude of tasks that are intuitively very easy for us humans to solve: e.g. reading handwriting, recognizing faces or understanding spoken words. All of these problems are unfeasibly difficult to solve with classical programs. However, many of these tasks are essential for a digitized world. This is where machine learning and AI come in. Deep neural networks (Deep Learning) have played a prominent role here, and not just since ChatGPT.


Für wen ist das DigiTec.PILOT Programm geeignet?

For almost everyone!

The DigiTec.PILOT program is aimed at all students in Germany, regardless of their previous studies, as well as employees in companies who want to get fit for digital technologies. Would you like a few examples?

You are studying mechanical engineering and find it exciting to design machines not only in their individual parts? For you, machines should be able to move automatically and autonomously. To do this, you need to know how to program autonomous systems or robots and which technologies are suitable for this. We will show you how to program and how to transfer these skills to machines so that truly autonomous systems can be created.

Are you studying economics and understand how to create business models and succeed in the market with new ideas? Digital products are already an important market factor today and will be even more so in the future. Understand how digital products are created and the effort required to do so by learning to develop digital products yourself. This will enable you to better assess future products, solutions and ideas and to position them on the market.

Have you already finished your studies and would like to acquire an additional qualification in the field of digital technologies in addition to your job, so that you can contribute innovative approaches to solutions in agile digitalization projects? Then you will learn here what SCRUM is and how you can implement new ideas.

You are...? No matter what you're studying, you're bound to have come into contact with the topic of digitization or have at least heard about and already used digital solutions, helpers and products in your field. As a DigiTec.PILOT, we offer you the chance to understand how they are created and how they work. This gives you the opportunity to distinguish yourself in your field and show that digitization is more than just a buzz word for you.


Requirements for your application

  • You are enrolled as a student at a university, at least in the 5th semester or already in a master's program.
  • You are studying a STEM subject, economics or are interested in digitization topics (NOTE: If you are studying computer science, you will find courses here that you have already completed or will complete in your studies. In this respect, you already have all the skills of a DigiTec.PILOT and perhaps a little more! If so, our master's program DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES or our doctoral program would be just right for you!)
  • You have already successfully completed your studies?
  • You are already working and would like to expand your knowledge of digital technologies?
  • Do you want to get involved intensively in a simulated practical project?

If you could answer at least one question with YES, you can apply for this unique "flight program". You will be officially enrolled as a guest student at Clausthal University of Technology for the duration of your participation in the certificate program.

Übersicht der wichtigsten Punkte


... includes:

  • a total of one semester's teaching, which is divided into different module blocks (30ECTS),
  • especially employees of companies and other institutions can also complete only individual modules,
  • and can therefore be carried out in parallel with studies or work.

... costs:

  • 0 € for students and members of the TU Clausthal and Ostfalia (sponsored by the state of Lower Saxony and the universities)
  • 80 € for students in Lower Saxony (sponsored by the state of Lower Saxony)
  • 120 € for students outside Lower Saxony
  • 350 €/module for employees from German companies (total price incl. examination: 1,750 €)

... requires that you either:

  • are pursuing a Bachelor's degree in at least the 5th semester, or
  • are pursuing a Master's degree, or
  • are an employee in a company or other institution, and
  • are not a computer science student or computer science graduate.
Noch Fragen?

If you have any questions about the DigiTec.PILOT, please contact our study program coordinator

Steffen Küpper, M.Sc.
E-Mail: hello@digitecstudieren.de