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We made a 5-Step guide to a successful start to your DigiTec studies:

  • Are you eligible for a bachelor's or master's degree?
    A university entrance qualification is sufficient for the Bachelor's program. The Baccalaureate for example is such a qualification. However, there are other ways to obtain a college admissions credential..

    Admission to the DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES master's program can be obtained directly with one of the following bachelor's degrees:

    • Digital Technologies, B.Sc.
    • Informatik, B.Sc.
    • Business Information Systems, B.Sc.
    • or a degree equivalent to this

    If you have an other equivalent degree in a professionally suitable previous study programme, the completion of the certificate programme may be required. DigiTec.PILOT or comparable courses up to a total of 30 ECTS credits are required. You can take these additional courses during your studies and start the Master's programme in parallel. The final decision is made by the admissions committee. If you are unsure, please contact us via the contact form (see below)!

    For foreign students, i.e. persons who did not acquire their university entrance qualification at a school in Germany, there are some special regulations. Information for all international students can be found on the page of the International Student Office of Ostfalia!

    Here you can find the admission regulations for the Master of Science DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES:
    Zulassungsordnung Master of Science Digital Technologies


  • You can be employed by a company parallel to your studies. Similar to a dual study programme, you will get to know the everyday life of a company in practical phases. The difference is that the company phases take place during the lecture-free periods, so you can study normally. Here you can find the companies to choose from.


  • Apply via the  Ostfalia application portal to get one of the coveted study places.

    Application periods:

    Bachelor Digital Technologies: for the winter semester application startis the 15th of May 
    Master Digital Technologies: For the summer semester application start is the 15th of November 
    or for the winter semester application start is the 15th of May

    click here here and download a reminder to your device! 


  • Some documents are required for processing the application (e.g. certificates). Which documents are required in each case is displayed during the online application. Send these documents to the address displayed during the online application.

    Here is a list of the necessary documents you will need on the way to your enrolment:

    • Online application form
    • School certificate (for Bachelor's degree) or degree certificate (for Master's degree) as a certified copy
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Birth certificate
    • Proof of health insurance
    • Proof of payment of the semester fees
    • Proof of German language skills level A2 (until registration of thesis B1) (for Master)


  • Now you have to keep a sharp eye on the Ostfalia applicant portal! :) This is where you will receive feedback on your (hopefully) successful application. While you're waiting, you can think about applying for BaföG or start looking for a place to live. We recommend Goslar as a central place to live.


  • You will receive further information about your studies at Clausthal University of Technology and Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences with the notification of admission. Transfer the semester fee stated in the notification of admission and, if necessary, submit the documents stated in the notification. Once these documents have been submitted and the semester fee has been transferred, you will be enrolled and will then be a DigiTec student. Bäääms!


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Schülerseminar Informatik am 22./23. April 2023

  • Für alle Schülerinnen und Schüler ab Klasse 10, die sich für unser Studienprogramm oder ein Informatik-Studium an der TU Clausthal interessieren.
  • Das Programm und die Anmeldung findet ihr HIER

Girls' Day 2023 am 27. April 2023

  • Deep Driving - KI kennenlernen, erleben und verstehen. So funktioniert KI und autonomes Fahren!
  • Wo? DIGIT Standort Clausthal-Zellerfeld, KI-Labor des ISSE

Girls' Day 2023 am 27. April 2023

  • Deep Driving - KI kennenlernen, erleben und verstehen. So funktioniert KI und autonomes Fahren!
  • Wo? DIGIT Standort Wolfenbüttel, Open Mobility Lab

#TschüssSchule 2023 am 06. Mai 2023

  • Berufs- und Studienmesse
  • Wo? BBS Goslar-Baßgeige/Seesen

Studieninfotage der Ostfalia am 16. Mai 2023

  • Wo? Campus Wolfenbüttel

Schnupperstudium an der Ostfalia am 22. Mai - 02. Juni 2023

  • Schnupper 2 Wochen Uni-Luft und nimm an regulären Vorlesungen teil!
  • Wo? Campus Wolfenbüttel

Markt der Nachhaltigkeit am 31. Mai 2023, 16:30-21 Uhr

  • Akteure der Nachhaltigkeit aus dem Landkreis Goslar stellen sich vor.
  • Wo? Vorraussichtlich in den goslarschen Höfen

Tag der offenen DIGIT-Tür am 15. Juni 2023, 10-17 Uhr

  • Was ist das DIGIT? Wie und was kannst du bei uns studieren und was wird bei uns erforscht? Kommt zu uns ins GoTec am Energie-Campus Goslar!