The Concept of Study

Applied Computer Science. Six fields of application. Interdisciplinary digitization projects.

The innovative DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES study concept

In 2019, our joint study program of TU Clausthal and Ostfalia Hoschule started with the bachelor's degree program DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES. Since the winter semester 2021/22, we offer the consecutive master's program DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES.

Our study program combines the respective core competencies of both universities from computer science and the six application areas of autonomous systems, circular economy and environmental technology, digital transformation, energy, industry 4.0 and mobility. The following faculties are involved:


Fewer exams, more digital projects

Applying and trying out theory is our focus!

Our DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES study program is an application-oriented, hands-on computer science program. It is characterized by the innovative combination of the subjects of computer science, our six FIELDS OF APPLICATION and the interdisciplinary DIGITALIZATION PROJECTS in equal parts.

With us, you'll learn to apply computer science methods to application area challenges. This application takes place in the interdisciplinary digitization projects. In them, a team of students from different semesters of our bachelor's and master's programs work together on practical issues related to digitization, linking knowledge from computer science to one of the application areas.

The best comes at the end!

Exams are a must, even for us. However, a large part of your academic performance is based on the evaluation of your work in the digitization projects, which means that you have to write significantly fewer theoretical exams in a DigiTec program than in traditional computer science programs. This means: less learning stress and more time for other things... In addition, working on the digitization projects is an excellent preparation for your professional life, which is also strongly characterized by project work.



Our locations

The best of academic educations

As a student of our joint study program at TU Clausthal and Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, you are enrolled at both universities and thus have the opportunity to use the wide range of courses offered by both institutions!

In addition to a wide range of subjects that we can offer our students due to the large number of faculties involved, you also have access to the infrastructure of both universities. Whether it is the offer of the university sports, the libraries, language and computer centers or other central facilities - you are welcome everywhere!

Wolfenbüttel. Clausthal-Zellerfeld. Goslar. - This is how you study at our three locations.

You will spend your first year of your bachelor's degree in Goslar, the headquarters of DIGIT. We also offer you project rooms here to work on digitization projects. Depending on the focus of your choice of application area, the other DIGIT locations - Wolfenbüttel and Clausthal-Zellerfeld - will be added during the course of your studies.

You will attend events at the Wolfenbüttel location (in the application area "Mobility" also at the Salzgitter location), but also at the TU Clausthal in Clausthal-Zellerfeld or in Goslar, the headquarters of the Center for Digital Technologies (DIGIT). But don't worry, we have taken this into account when planning your schedule! Commuting within one day is of course not necessary! You will spend two days per week at the respective university. With your semester ticket you have the possibility to commute comfortably from one location to the other.


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Our locations

Your studies will take place at these locations...

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The public transport of the region...

How to reach your study locations by public transport....


A quick look back...

Two universities make a strong case for a digital, sustainable future

Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences and Clausthal University of Technology are linked by a long-standing partnership in research and teaching. Against this backdrop, this cooperation in the areas of research, teaching, and continuing education was solidified in a cooperation agreement between the two universities in June 2018. Here, in addition to the exchange and recognition of courses, the establishment and expansion of joint cooperative research and doctoral programs is a clearly formulated goal. The first area to be developed jointly is digitization.

As the first implementation measure of the joint orientation, a cooperative doctoral college in the field of digitization ("Man-Machine Teams in the Application Area of the Circular Economy") was applied for. Parallel to this activity, a joint teaching program in the field of digitization was also established. The establishment of our cross-university DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES study program was a first consistent step in this regard.

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Prof. Dr. Rosemarie Karger (President of Ostfalia University) and Prof. Dr. Thomas Hanschke (President TU Clausthal) agree to work together. Behind them (from left to right): Vice Presidents Prof. Dr. Gunther Brenner (TU Clausthal) and Prof. Dr. Gert Bikker (Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences).

Photo: Lena Hoffmann (TU Clausthal)